Social Networking Sites – Great Promotion Tools?

Social networking sites like MySpace, FaceBook, and even Twitter, can be great places to promote your website or blog.

Start by creating a group or groups, centered around your niche market and begin networking with other users who have the same  interest in your niche topic.

FaceBook allows you to create a business or “fan” page that can be used to share and post information to promote your business website.

You can use your fan page to share information such as your hours of operation, location, etc.    It can function as a marketing tool that can generate leads for and promote your business.

Twitter’s founders don’t actually classify their web site as a social networking site, but anyone using Twitter can tell you in a hurry that it definitely falls into that category.

Twitter is actually more like a micro blog; and although many people consider Twitter and Tweeting to be a total waste of time, if you learn how to use it properly, it can be a valuable sales asset and traffic generating business tool.

Just like anything else, social networking sites can be great promotion tools.   But to get the best results, you need to learn how to use them effectively.

It will require a bit of testing and experimentation on your part to determine what works best for you. But when you DO get the right formula; you’ll be glad you “wasted your time” playing around with social networking sites.

We realize that social networking sites aren’t for everyone and that they’re not absolutely necessary to run a successful website or blog, but using them to promote your web sites can definitely make your life run a lot smoother.

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Twittering: The Benefits Of Twittering

It’s important to understand the benefits of Twittering, and that Twitter can be used for much more than just personal updates.

With the introduction of microblogging to the Internet, Twitter has reduced the time it takes to market content from hours, that it used to take from using previous forms of communication; to minutes and even seconds, through the use of Twitter Tweets.

Although many users like to put in cat updates, or tell everyone what they’re doing in the bathroom at 2:00 in the morning; Twitter has many more useful purposes than that.

Initially blogs used to have the same stigma attached to them; but with microblogging, the world suddenly woke up and almost immedately understood what the power of simple publishing, combined with citizen journalism could accomplish.

Twitter is a place where you can freely accomplish many things.

The benefits of Twittering allow you to:

  • Promote yourself
  • Promote your business
  • Promote others (affiliates)
  • Get advise on almost anything
  • Run polls to find a consensus
  • Acquire human resources
  • Immediately broadcast important breaking news
  • Socialize
  • And the list goes on ….

Microblogging has become so widespread, that if you participate in any social media community these days; people probably already know that you’re also on Twitter.

While Twitter doesn’t in itself have the best methods of finding people; you can always Twitter to see who your friends are following, or just join the conversation without being too intrusive, and simply ask.

Don’t be bashful, join in and make your presence known.

When you get involved with the community, jump in and share your expertise.  See what people are talking about, ask questions and give good answers when you have them.

Know the difference between pushing and pulling. For instance, when you post a link to your latest blog post to Twitter, you are making a push, or an action to grab the reader. Direct marketers have mastered the technique of pushing and have developed it into an art form.

Although some of your readers can ignore your posts; the people that appreciate your posts will immediately check you out.

On the other hand, RSS is a pull.  Users generally check RSS at their own speed, and it usually takes much more time to get any “buzz” going around your content.

Read the Tweets that are already out there.

One of the benefits of Twittering is that there’s a lot of valuable information from a lot of smart individuals on Twitter, that you can use for yourself and your business, if you just take the time.

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How To Get Automatic Tweets On Your Twitter Page

This is how to get automatic Tweets on your Twitter page, when you get too busy or overwhelmed to do it yourself.

link_twitterfeedTwitter Feed, is a simple free tool you can use to pull in RSS feeds from your blogs, article sites, or any other site that has an RSS feed you want to hook up with.

You can use Twitter Feed with only your own blogs, or in conjunction with your friend’s blogs and other quality sites that you would like to use to update your blog.

This works great for people who are often too busy to post to their own blogs on a regular basis.

First do a Google search for Twitter Feed, go to their website, and sign up for your free account by providing your email address and creating your password.

  • You will then be directed to the second step where you create your feed for your blog.

Here is where you name your feed, and insert the RSS feed URL for your website.

The URL of your feed will depend on which blogging platform is used, but you can usually find it by clicking on a button or icon labeled “RSS”, “Atom”, “Syndicate”, or something similar or by clicking on the icon located in the right hand side of your browser address bar.

If you still have trouble finding it, you can always check the documentation of the blogging platform software that you are using.   This should tell you how to find the feed URL.

You can click on the advanced settings to further customize how you want your feed sent.

  • Next you move to step two where you configure your publishing services.

Here you can get automatic Tweets on your Twitter page, Laconia,, Hellotxt, or Facebook by just clicking on each service and either joining, or activating and authenticating your existing subscription.

That’s all the work you need to do to finish your feed and to get automatic Tweets on your Twitter page.

You can create all the additional feeds you like by signing into your dashboard and following the above procedure.

This is probably one of the easiest ways to get automatic Tweets on your Twitter page, Facebook, and your other publishing services.

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Twitter Is Good For Businesses

You know that Twitter is good for business, when both Google, and Bing, begin to index Tweets in the search engine results.twitter2

Although we’re not sure how they are going to accomplish it; last week, both Google and Bing, made their announcements to that effect.

If you need to be convinced that Twitter is good for business, just go to some of the “big boys” websites to confirm my opinion.

Twitter has been steadily growing in importance, attracting more and more followers every day.

Since so many consumers are now using social media sites like Twitter, more and more savvy internet marketers have noticed that online merchants, are also testing the waters, and experimenting with Twitter.

To date, most merchants still do not seem to be paying much attention to Twitter, or to the other social media sites; however, with Google and Bing’s  announcement, things are about to change!

If you’re not currently on a social website like Twitter, your competition may already be out gunning you.

You should consider using Twitter to promote your brand, increase your visibility, and maximize your earnings.

twitterIt’s obvious that Twitter is good for business, when e commerce merchants like Amazon, Sears, and Walmart, start using accounts dedicated to Twitter.

This should tell you something.

Some merchants like Amazon, use multiple accounts to manage different sectors of their business, while others like Sears, use only one interactive account.

If you decide to experiment with Twitter, it’s important for you to explain to your customers, exactly how you operate.

You should clarify how many accounts you have; and what type of information you provide on each account.

This clears up any confusion your followers might have, and gives them up to date information on your products, or services.

Keep your customers happy, and give them Tweets with the information they are looking for.

Twitter is good for business;  take advantage of it, and use it wisely!

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What Is The Truth About Duplicate Content?

People always seem to get hysterical about duplicate content on their websites and blogs.

Duplicate ContentIt seems that before you even get the P in PLR out of your mouth, somebody hysterically points out that “Google hates duplicate content” and that “Your website is going to get banned if you use PLR in your content“.

When you stop to think about it, a plethora of sites build their content around the exact same content found on other websites or blogs.

For example; the Huffington Post is loaded with articles that are obtained from other news sources.

Yahoo’s home page is also a prime example of a notable website that uses articles obtained from other news sources.

Although you could successfully argue that your site is not the Huffington Post or Yahoo’s home page, let us use these two examples to understand the truth about duplicate content and the so called “duplicate content penalty”.

First and foremost, the truth about duplicate content is that in itself, duplicate content is not necessarily malevolent.  In today’s real world, duplicate content can be nothing more than content syndication.

Regardless what they are promoting, internet marketers want to get their content syndicated in as many places as possible to increase exposure for their product or service.

If you write a “How To” ebook and want to promote it as quickly as possible.  You would first write an article about it in your blog or website with the hope that social media or a high ranking website with more traffic than your site, would pick up and republish it.

If an established site like Yahoo or the Huffington Post republished your content, I’m sure you would not object to the additional flood of prospects you would receive from the so called “duplicate content”.

The truth about duplicate content in this instance is that the only penalty incurred, (if you could call it a penalty) would be that your post would probably show up in the search engine results page for the same query on Yahoo’s website, before the same post showed up on your site.

This is obviously because Yahoo’s domain most likely has a higher authority rank than your site.

In this situation your blog or website will not be de-indexed by Google because you decided to syndicate some content.   In fact, your goal to promote your ebook in as many venues as possible was partially achieved by the syndication.

If you wanted to target different search queries, you could make your post “more original” by changing your content to reflect the keywords you are going after.

The truth about duplicate content is that people who intentionally create multiple URLs with the exact same content will eventually discover their sites de-indexed by Google.

If your website is and you have everything on your page duplicated on,,, etc. you can count on having serious problems with your search engine ranking.

Marketers who intentionally clone entire websites word for word, will also obviously have duplicate content issues.  These rip off artists do not last long online.

The truth about duplicate content is that most people misunderstand what the search engines mean by “duplicate content”.

When we talk about using PLR for content on your site, it does not necessarily mean that your website will automatically be de-listed.

PLR content is intended to be used as a starting point to help you get off of the ground with your topic and to help fill in the gaps to your original content.

As long as you add your own flair to the purchased PLR content, and not just copy and paste it word for word to your site without any modification, you should have no concerns about using duplicate content on your website or blog.

The truth about duplicate content that you should take away from this is that:

  • Your website or blog will not be banned from Google just because you and another person publish the same content.
  • Most people misunderstand the term “duplicate content penalties” and apply the meaning to a broader range of things that it does not apply to.
  • You should never use PLR “as is”.  Even if the common erroneous understanding of “duplicate content penalties” were true; you will never have the exact same content as another person when you modify the PLR that you use in your posts.
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Look To Amazon For Inspiration On Finding Your Market Niche

If you are new to Internet marketing and looking for a profitable niche market…. try looking to Amazon for inspiration on finding your market niche.

niche is the worlds largest online retailer and sells just about everything you can think of under the sun.

It is also a great place to research red hot niche markets for products that are selling in real time.

If you click on the “All” tab arrow at the left on Amazon’s main search bar, it will provide you with a list of categories or current hot niches.

When you click on a specific category and hit “enter” in the blank search engine, a new page will be displayed with a list of sub categories on the left hand side of the page.

These sub categories or sub-niches when clicked on will then drill you down farther into additional, more specific sub-niches.

You can continue clicking on these sub-niches to display more and more specific niches that are relevant to your initial search query.

Talk about refining your niche searches!

Looking to Amazon for inspiration on finding your market niche gets even better because you are viewing the actual products that are currently being sold as you make your searches.

Each of the products you are looking at are products that are selling in real time.

In order to to find the hottest products that are currently selling on Amazon, you can also sort by “new and popular”.

Select “best sellers” from the navigation bar at the top of the page just under the search box to see what the best selling products are that are being sold in real time.

This information is updated on an hourly basis 24/7.

Clicking on the other tabs under the main search bar allows you to tap into current Movers & Shakers, Top Rated, Hot New Releases, Most Wished For or even Gift Ideas.

And if this isn’t enough, you can also see what people in the various niche markets think of the products that have been sold to them by sorting through the various “customer review”s.

This area will help you weed out products that buyers have problems with and that you really would not want to promote.

There is a plethora of information available at your fingertips on Amazon to help you with your niche inspiration, all you have to do is avail yourself and take advantage of it.

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Niche Markets: Follow Your Passion Or Follow The Money?

The most common debate among Internet marketers when researching profitable niche markets is whether to follow your passion or follow the money.

Follow The Money

Follow The Money

Are you better off looking for a niche market that you know something and are passionate about, or should you follow the money and go where the most money is most likely to be made?

Obviously, the best scenario is to combine both in your search for a profitable niche market.

The probability that you are more likely to succeed in going with something you have knowledge in or are passionate about is hard to find fault with.

When you already know more than the average person about the subject at hand, you are probably willing to put more effort into it and enjoy working with it.

It can be difficult to succeed and remain motivated when you know nothing  about a topic and have no real interest in it.

It is also harder to create interesting content about a subject you have little interest in and that you are likely to become more easily bored.

In many cases, your audience will pick up on the fact that they know more about the topic than you do.  In these instances, your audience will have no reason to listen to any advice you give them.

Many Internet marketers achieved success because they created something they were both passionate about and had some real commercial viability.

You can be as passionate about a topic as you like, but you will not make any money if there is nothing to sell or nothing to monetize.

For instance.  If you are a rock hound and your hobby is rock collecting, you probably will not make much money from it regardless of your enthusiasm unless the rocks you collect are ore bearing or radioactive.

Following the money isn’t entirely a bad idea, it just means that you may have to struggle more.

If you crunch the numbers and discover a niche that has the potential to be extremely profitable, you would be foolish not to get involved in it.

However, if you know absolutely nothing about the market niche, plan to write all the content yourself and have little to no interest in the topic, there is a better than average chance you will fail in your endeavor.

There are exceptions to this..

Business minded individuals who are usually laser focused and highly motivated can successfully work on topics that the everyday person could and would not involve themselves with.

Therefore, unless you are very business minded you will probably do better focusing on niche markets that you are interested in and have some passion for, especially if it is your first online project.

Ideally, you should be able to identify a niche market that is both profitable and that you have some interest and passion in.

The first time around, the majority of Internet marketers creating niche websites and online businesses follow both their passions and the money.

After you have had some initial success, it becomes much easier to branch out into other projects where your interest level and passions are not as high.

Regardless of whether you follow your passion or follow the money, it is necessary to thoroughly research your niche before jumping into it if you plan on achieving any success at all.

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