Keep Returning Visitor Traffic Coming Back

One major component of a successful website, is returning visitor traffic. We all know that a returning visitor can be more easily converted into a paying customer. We also recognize that the more frequently a returning visitor comes back to your site, the more credibility you gain with your visitor. Since credibility is an extremely […]

Five Time Management Tips To Get More Accomplished

Here are five time management tips that will help you get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time. Some are no brainers, but how quickly we sometimes forget the obvious! Make A Written List A time management tip, that I occasionally forget to do myself, is to make a written list of what needs […]

Exactly What Constitutes A Brand?

First of all, let’s determine what a brand IS NOT. A brand IS NOT a logo, that many of us commonly recognize as a brand. A brand IS NOT a product of any sort. Brands are not defined by internet marketers, companies, advertising agencies, marketing departments, or a company CEO. Brands are defined by people; […]