6 outstanding tips for creating an interactive website that sells

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 18, 2009
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Creating an interactive website that sells, is probably the most important goal for anyone running an online business website.

Your online business website replaces your brick and mortar storefront, your business cards, your paper flier advertising, and most importantly, your business marketing strategy.

Creating an interactive website that sells, is not only essential to your online businesses success; it also provides a memorable experience for your potential clients, so they return to your site after the initial sale, time and time again.

As the internet evolves, it has become more important to create a “community” around your business website.

To do this you must engage your visitors and clients.

Here are 6 outstanding tips for creating an interactive website that sells!

1 – Provide Your Visitors A Forum
Providing a forum for your customers and visitors, to interact with each other, to exchange ideas, suggestions, and experiences about your product line or business services, is always a good idea to generate repeat website traffic.

It’s also a good way to get an honest appraisal of your business and possibly improve on it.

2 – Provide An Interactive Poll Or Survey

Polls and customer surveys, are also an excellent method of creating an interactive website that sells your product or service.  Customer surveys in particular, are one the best methods of obtaining reliable, critical customer product satisfaction.

3 – Publish A Video

Videos and well written audio content give a user a way to access you and your personality.  Videos are worth a thousand words these days, and will more fully explain your business model to your visitors.  Videos are an excellent method of promoting you, your website, and your business model.  Use it frequently both on and off your website.

4 – Offer A Feedback Area

Feedback is a necessity in improving any business; be it online or on the street.
Providing a feedback area on your business website is only sensible if your business is to improve.  There is the added benefit of increasing sales.

Many people hesitate purchasing anything if there is no feedback for the product or service being offered.  Good feedback draws customers and sales.

Of course you need to make sure that your product and customer service are top notch in order to actually benifit from feedback.  Negative feedback can kill your business!

5 – Host A Contest

Many websites offer contests or sweepstakes to draw visitors to their websites.

This generally works quite well in creating an interactive website that sells.  Just make sure the sweepstakes or contest is legal in your area, and include disclaimers.

6 – Provide An Interactive Customer Review

Allow a way for your customers and visitors, to review or rank items on your website.  This is an interaction that will also help you improve your website and business.

Ask a question; “Was this article valuable to your understanding of creating an interactive website that sells?”, and then provide a ranking scale of 1 – 10 for your visitors to rank the answer.

This encourages visitors to revisit your site and it assist your future article preparation efforts.

We know these 6 outstanding tips for creating an interactive website that sells, will help you improve your website usability, and increase your profits.

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