How To Make Money Online: Become A Freelance Twitter Tweeter

You can now make money online by learning how to become a freelance Twitter Tweeter. It may sound a little off the wall, but there are a growing number of entrepreneurs our there building successful businesses helping companies navigate the social media world of Twitter. There can be no doubt that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and […]

Treat Your Email Subject Lines Like A Twitter Post

The same marketing principles apply when you treat your email subject lines like a Twitter post. A good email subject line is like a good tweet; the shorter it is, the more important it becomes to properly design your text to earn clicks from your visitors. Designing your email subject line for viewer usability, is […]

Twitter: How To Put Twitter On Viral Overdrive

By simply using free giveaways, you can put Twitter on viral overdrive to build your following and increase your profits. Giving away something of value that subscribers can benefit from, such as ebooks, software, special reports, coupons, special discounts, or even audio and video tutorials will incentivise your potential followers to make that all important […]