Craigslist Advertising Tweaks That Work

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 12, 2010
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craigslist_logoThere are some Cragislist advertising tweaks that work, while others that will get your ad posts  flagged and deleted.

Here we focus on some Craigslist advertising tweaks that work!

Craigslist is probably one of the most popular classified advertising sites on the Internet.

There are categories and sub categories where you can buy or sell just about anything you can think of on the planet.

To use Craigs list, just click on your city and state and look for advertisements you have an interest in.

If you are located outside the United States, you must first choose which country you are interested in purchasing or selling in.  And, if you are in a highly populated city within the United States; you can choose a specific part of the city you where you want to conduct your business.

Posting to Craigslist is pretty straightforward and except for the job listings in some of the major cities; it’s free.

There are different ways to post your advertisements, but to get the most effective and profitable result; there are several Craigslist advertising tweaks that you can use to your benefit, when you make your posts.

Here is how you can make sure your Craigslist ad is effective and profitable.

  • Use your domain name

This is an important point to remember when you are posting you ads; make sure you use your domain name in each of your posts.

Even though you may be selling identical products or services in several of your posts; it is important to make each of your posts as unique as possible.

That’s also why it’s so important to have your domain name for your email address.  It makes it much easier to handle inquiries from potential customers and it accomplishes two other important things.

It tends to make your ad unique

It allows you to determine which city your advertisement was placed in.  You can then effectively test to see which cities and posts get the ads removed the fastest.

  • Generating an effective headline

Try using the “shotgun” approach to generate as many as 100 or more different headlines for the products or services you are promoting on Craigslist.

Using the “shotgun” approach to generate many headlines, instead of just using one or two for your advertisement, will increase the likelihood of at least a few of them “sticking”.

When you identify the winning headlines, use them over a larger geographical area to see if they “stick”.

  • Try using unique characters before your headline

Many people use unique characters like; !!, ##, ^^, ((, )), ++, or others placed in front and after their headlines, to make sure their advertisement is not being overlooked by the so called, REMOVAL BOTS.

** Earn Money Fast By Using This Email Address **
!! Listen To This Recording To Make Money Online !!
&& Get Rich Quick Using This Secret Money Making Strategy &&

If you follow these tweaks you will not only increase the effectiveness of your Craigslist advertising; you will definitely see an increase in the number of clicks you receive.

However, even though you now have clicks from potential customers; you still need a high converting sales page for your clients to click through before you can generate some serious profits.

You Can Find  More Craigslist Advertising Tweaks That Work  And How To Create Profit Pulling Craigslist Ad Posts Without Getting Them Flagged Or Deleted Here.

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