Google Adwords Advertisements – Why Do People Use Google Adwords Advertisements?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on January 5, 2010
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Google Adwords advertisements are those little text advertisements that you find on the right hand side of a search page, when you are searching for something, or just surfing the Internet.

Google Adwords advertisements, are a type of pay per click system, where advertisers pay Google for clicks made by ecsegar09web searchers or surfers.

The Adwords ads consist of a headline that is no more than 25 characters long, and a description or information section, that is no more than 70 characters in length.

Regular pay per click advertising systems base their search engine ranking, on the website’s ability to bid the highest for a particular keyword.

Google Adwords advertisements are given a ranking on the basis or the cost per click, (CPC) and the click through rate (CTR).

Google factors in the relevance, as well as the traffic that comes into the website, when they rank a page.

Keeping all this in mind, why do people use Google Adwords advertisements?

As every business owner knows, the Internet is an extremely effective way to reach people throughout the world.

Recent polls suggest that Google’s search engines, email services, blogger blogging service, Google Earth, Picasa, and other applications, reach almost 90 percent of users on the Internet.

The Google search engine alone, logs in about 2 billion searches every day.  This means that almost 90 percent of the estimated 300 million people, who use Google in some form every day, are exposed to advertisements via Google’s network.

Google Adwords advertisements even appear in its email service called Google Mail, or Gmail.

The Google Adwords advertisements appear on top of the Inbox and in the body of emails sent by Google users.

Since the majority of the time spent by people on the Internet is actually devoted to checking, composing, and sorting out emails; this means that even more people are exposed to Google Adwords advertisements.

Affiliates of Google who use their search capabilities also include Adwords advertisements in their search pages.  This includes AOL, AT&T, AskJeeves and even the New York Times.

With all this exposure available, with no fixed prepaid advertising cost; it should be pretty obvious why many people use Google Adwords advertisements.

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