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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on January 7, 2012
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Anyone can make money online freelancing, especially  if you have some writing skills or just enjoy writing a lot.

Webmasters on the Internet are constantly looking for additional content for their web sites.

Although a Google search can pull up a considerable  volume of writers, really accomplished writers are always in demand.

Skilled writers who have the ability to write good articles about almost any subject can earn a good living from Internet webmasters.
Freelancing articles, press releases, email content and even video scripts for webmaster’s websites will make money online, but one type of writing can make you even more money.

Copy writing

Copy writing is simply the writing of commercially oriented content or advertisements.

Not all writers have the ability to write good advertisements.

It takes a unique skill, that also requires a great deal of word mastery, to write good advertisements that sell.

Good copywriters command high prices for their copy and get it.

If you have the ability to write good advertising copy, you have a valuable bankable skill that will make money online freelancing.

Although this article is geared toward article writing, freelancing isn’t just limited to writing.

Any professional skill that businesses will pay you money for,  is suitable for freelancing.

Anyone with professional skills or who has expertise in a hobby or activity can set up a website and offer their skills to businesses or the public.

Photography, business consulting, writing, fishing, private investigation, Psychological Stress Evaluation, hypnosis, etc. are all suitable for freelancing and can be marketed online.  The list is almost endless.

If your skill is location based, you can optimize your website for a specific area or city to make it more user friendly.

For example:  If you are a guide or know how to catch fish in a specific area such as the Mosquito Lagoon in Central Florida, your websites title tag could read “Fishing Guide Mosquito Lagoon Florida”.

There are other optimization tips you or a SEO professional can implement to get your site recognized by the search engines for your location.

Whether you’re a writer, a fisherman or have some other professional skill that a business would pay for, you can start make money online freelancing just by setting up your website.

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