Screen Capture Videos: Increase Your Affiliate Profits With Screen Capture Videos

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 18, 2010
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asus_lcd_monitorScreen capture videos can definitely increase your affiliate profits.

Have you ever decided not to promote a hot affiliate product because too many other marketers were already promoting it?    Well, most of us have at one point or another.

The general consensus among affiliate marketers suggests that when an affiliate product is being over marketed, you need to avoid it and move on to a product that is less competitive.

However, this is not necessarily true if you use screen capture videos to promote your “hot” affiliate products.

Screen capturing software is a marketing tool that virtually anyone can use to promote your affiliate products and dramatically increase your affiliate profits.

Here are some ideas for creating your own information products using screen capture videos to market your own or other people’s affiliate products.

First you need to understand that Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines love any kind of videos.

Blogs or websites that have videos embedded on their web pages get indexed much more quickly than sites that do not.  This is a good reason to incorporate screen capture videos or any other type video on your web pages.

When you do, there is an excellent possibility that the page that contains your screen capture video will jump to the top of the search engines results page and even outrank top affiliate marketers for the “hot” affiliate product that you had reservations about promoting.

By using screen capture videos on your web page, there is even a good chance you will find your video outranking the creator of the affiliate product you’re marketing.

To do this, your screen capture video must be closely related to the affiliate product you are marketing.  This can be easily accomplished by optimizing your screen capture video for the search engines using the keywords that are applicable to your “hot” affiliate product.

Finding these “applicable keywords” is a relatively simple task once you know how to do it.  So here is how to find the right keywords for your screen capture videos.

First, look to your affiliate competition that have been dominating the search engines.

You can do this by simply typing in the “hot” affiliate product you would like to promote into the Google search engine.  This will give you a list of the most dominant marketers for that particular affiliate product.

Go to any of their websites and in the tool menu on your browser window, click on the “view source” or “view page source”.  Or, you can just right click anywhere on the page and click “view source” or “view page source”.

When you open the source window of your competitor’s page, look for <meta name=”keywords”. Copy these keywords and use them to build your screen capture video.

Write your screen capture video content about the affiliate product using those keywords in your title, in your description and throughout the content of your video.

Try to use a keyword density of at least 2% in the content of your video and write it as if you are speaking directly to your prospects.

The content in your screen capture videos should make total sense and read as if you are talking directly your visitors.

When written correctly, a simple, direct, easy to understand screen capture video that takes visitors directly to your affiliate landing page, will definitely increase your affiliate earnings.

There are tons of screen capturing programs available that can be easily found using a Google search.  All of them provide instructions on how to use them and several are freeware.

If you haven’t yet tried using screen capture videos to promote your affiliate products you could be missing out on substantial affiliate earnings.

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