The No Hassle YouTube Method Of How To Make Money Online!

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 17, 2010
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youtube1There is a no hassle YouTube method of quickly creating income from viral videos that appear on the various video sites, which is easy to implement and extremely effective, that you should know about.

Because YouTube is the most well known video repository online, and has by far the most traffic of any of the video sites; it is obviously the most effective place to use it.

Now you can cash in with this no hassle YouTube method of leveraging without spending the time or having the expense of producing your own videos from scratch.

Although this isn’t a new method; it is efficient and works extremely well.

  • First you need to download any popular viral or music video from YouTube and save it in FLV format. You can do this by using the free YouTube Video Downloader.
  • Next you need to convert the FLV video file to and MPEG file. This can be done using a variety of software encoders you can get online for free by doing a Google search.I have found that the free SUPER AVS video converter works well and supports just about any multimedia file format.
  • After converting your video to an MPEG file; create a watermark and insert it along with your website URL, affiliate URL, squeeze page URL, or anything else you care to add, onto your YouTube video.The watermark image should simply be text promoting your affiliate product offer.    But, make sure you hide your affiliate URLs with a redirection service such as or

    Again there are several good free software programs you can use to do this. Virtualdubmod works as well or better than any of the other dubbing programs that are out there.

  • Photoshop, or any similar image manipulation program can be used to create your own watermark bitmap image.   This tutorial shows you how to put a custom watermark on your YouTube videos using VirtualdubMOD software.It is important to save you image as a BMP or TGA file when using this software.
  • Next export and save your revised video as an AVI; and then convert the AVI to an MPEG file, using the SUPER AVS video converter or other encoder, and you’re done.
  • Now simply add a snappy title to your video, and upload your watermarked video to YouTube.

In the description field, enter the URL you just created along with some descriptive text about your offer.

Something like “Get Your Free Copy Of ………. Here”, or if you are promoting a pay per lead offer on a ringtone; “Get Your FREE Ringtone Of This Video!”works just fine.

This no hassle YouTube method can be used for building traffic, squeeze pages, pay per lead offers, promoting your website or blog, and affiliate offers.

When using this no hassle YouTube method for promoting your affiliate programs; it is important to make sure you comply with your affiliate’s “terms and conditions”.

Some affiliates prohibit the use of words such as BEST, GUARANTEED, FREE, etc. when promoting their products.

Don’t violate their terms when creating your watermark!

It’s also a good idea to use only royalty free YouTube videos when using this no hassle YouTube method.

If you play by the rules using this no hassle YouTube method of earning, you won’t find your videos removed from YouTube, nor will you have your account deleted.

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