Three Step Traffic Generation: Using The Keyword Research Method To Get Free Leads

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 6, 2010
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keyword-research-methodThis simple keyword research method will begin to get free leads within a matter of only a few days.

In addition to your own “capture page”, this keyword research method is also excellent for promoting your affiliates.

The three steps to the key word research method are briefly outlined below:

  • Step 1 – First Google the phrase “free Google keyword research tool”.

Once you get to the Google keyword tool, type in at least 5 to 8 keyword phrases that apply to what your capture page is all about.

Go for something generic with your keyword that provides sites with that type of information, such as “training”,”information”, “ways to”, or “how to”.

Example: If your squeeze page is about weight loss; type in weight loss training, ways to lose weight, weight loss information, or how to lose weight.

Some of the “long tailed keyword” phrases can be really good to use; mainly because fewer people have thought about using these “long tailed keywords” and because there is usually much less competition for them.

Once you find a keyword phrase that has at least 500 to 1000 search impressions every month.  Look for 30,000 site results.

When you choose your keyword or keyword phrase, put it in the Google search engine to see how many searches it brings up.  The goal is to find one with 30,000 or so search results.

If your keyword is close to this; re-enter the keyword with quotes to see how many site results there are.

For example: Ways to lose weight brings up 6,910,000 search results and “ways to lose weight” brings up about 399,000 results for sites.

Because of the amount of competition, this particular example; ways to lose weight, is not an acceptable keyword.

When you finally do get a keyword that fits the criteria, go to and see if the domain is available to purchase.

  • Step 2 – Purchase your domain name

If your keyword or keyword phrase is available, register the domain.  Otherwise, continue searching until you come up with a keyword that fits the criteria outlined above.

Make sure the domain you register is a .com domain name and that it is exactly the keyword you researched.  If you cannot find a .com domain that is the exact match to your keyword; DO NOT PURCHASE it!

The reason you want a .com domain, is that when people search the Internet they almost always type in the .com suffix.  The .com will get you the most number of searches.

On the average you will pay about $10 per year for registering your domain in your target niche.  This is really an extremely good deal when you do the math.

Assuming you have one website that brings in about 10 leads a week, that is 40 leads per month or 480 leads per year.  Divide 480 leads per year minimum by the $10 per year you are paying for your domain and your average cost per lead comes out to be only a little over two cents per lead.

  • Step 3 – Create your website

When you create your website using the keyword research method; make sure you add your keyword, title, description and alt tags to the page.  This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

Next, add your EXACT keywords to the site content.  Try to maintain at least a 2% keyword density.  This means that if you write 500 words of content, you need to use your keyword at least 10 times.

Next wait for your new website to get indexed by the search engines.  This will usually take anywhere from 3 to 5 days.

You can speed up the process somewhat by writing 4 or 5 articles and pointing them to your capture page using article directories like or other internet properties.

You can often achieve a top ten ranking in the Google search engines in less than three days.

When the keyword research method is done properly; you will have the name that people are searching for in the domain name, the title, the page title, pictures, and several times in your website page content and as a result, your website will get ranked higher up in the search engine results.

The more content and pages you add to your web site that has your keywords included; the higher your website will rank in the search engines.

By using the keyword research method, your keywords in the “capture” page of your website will begin to generate targeted leads within a week or even less.

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