Traffic Generation: Using Google Insights For Search To Find Good Niche Markets

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 13, 2010
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Using Google Insights Insights For Search to find good niche markets will substantially cut your discovery time.

Finding a profitable niche market can always be somewhat difficult, but by getting behind the scene to take a peek at Google’s keyword search history, the task becomes much easier to perform.

Google’s free tool is what every affiliate and Internet marketer should be using.

To get it, sign in to your Google account at to get you to the home page.

Google provides keyword data for comparisons of search volume patterns, across categories, seasonal, geographic, and search patterns in other Google properties.

Take the time to look over each section and check out the examples of how you can use Google Insights For Search.

Type in the keyword you want to research, and Google Insights will provide you with a goldmine of data.  The top searched keywords and keyword phrases will be displayed according to what filters were used on the right.

For example, if you want to research surf reels; type it into the search bar and choose your filters on the right.  I chose Worldwide, 2009, and all categories.

This results in a Google Insights generated graph, that charts worldwide interest in surf fishing reels from Jan 2009 to Dec 2009.

A regional interest list is also generated along with search terms.  In this case, Penn fishing reels and surf fishing rods.

Attention should be paid to the relative volume of interest for the search term you are using.  If it rises on the graph and continues to rise; it could be a profitable niche.  If the term remains relatively constant and generally high, it again could be a good term to pursue a niche.

You can refine and add search terms or phrases, by clicking the plus sign to generate a new interest graph.  This allows you to easily compare data from both keywords overlay on the same graph.

Google Insights will also give you related terms that are on the rise in Google.

Interest in Penn fishing reels, and surf fishing rods was on the rise during 2009; which is why Google Insights provided the terms, in addition the original “SURF REEL” keyword search.

The program allows you to dig deeper into potential niche and sub niche markets, by providing you with additional layers of interest as you click on their added search results.,

Once you know the search volumes and which keywords are on the rise, you can determine what market niche you could be profiting from.

Using Google Insights For Search to find good niche markets, not only helps you dig through all the junk, it helps you find truly profitable niches that would normally take you forever to identify.

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