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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 5, 2010
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twitter_birdieHere are some Twitter tips to tweak interest that can help you, if you’re one of the many people who have tried to increase your Twitter following using the usual methods, and still have only a spattering of followers.

Remember that Twitter is first and foremost an interactive community.

Secondarily, it is also an extremely effective marketing platform.

The problem is that many Internet marketers forget about the “interactive community” part, and just tweet repetitive “How To” information, with the expectation that their twitter account will turn into an effective marketing distribution platform.

Understanding that Twitter is an interactive community first, makes marketing much more productive; so here are some Twitter tips to tweak interest that can increase your Twitter followers.

  • Add A Re-tweet Button In Your Post

Adding a re-tweet button to your website can be done by pasting this code on your blog template where you want it displayed.

Just copy and paste this following code on your blog template where you want the widget to be displayed.

< script type=”text/javascript” src=””>< /script>

(Eliminate the spaces between < script and < /)

It’s perfectly acceptable to copy and paste someone else’s tweet, as long as you give the original tweeter credit.  Just put “RT @name” before their tweet and post it yourself.

  • Use Hash Tags To Interact With Tweeters On Hot Topics

Click on and reply to the #hash tags that you see when you perform a search on

Twitter search, keys into the hottest trending topics of the moment, and by looking for the #hash topics; you can join in with the community conversation to increase your Twitter following.

By adding a # in front of the subject you are searching; you make it easy for others to find your tweet and perhaps get them to follow you.

  • BigTweet, formerly BigTweet; is a suite of social media contribution tools that lets you spread your message to all your followers on the Internet.

Their browser bookmarklet, allows you to quickly and easily send the page that you are on to Twitter, Delicious, and   Their WordPress Plugin and Button can be effectively used to funnel more traffic to your website.

  • SMS Tweets To Your Account

Tweet directly from your mobile phone by doing the following:

  • Log into your Twitter account
  • Click the settings tab in the right hand corner of your account
  • Click on the devices tab and insert you phone number with the area code first
  • Check the box and save it

Twitter connects with mobile carrier networks all over the world, and you can use this to increase your following.

  • Use TweetBeep To Alert You When Others Talk About You

We know this Twitter tip will tweak your interest, because TweetBeep will alert you on almost anything that occurs on Twitter, that has anything to do with you.

Whenever your name, website URL, user ID, blog, or whatever comes up in a tweet; you will will immediately receive an email alert from TweetBeep.

How neat is that!

  • Use Tweetburner To Track And Monitor On Twitter

You can jump a step ahead in Twitter, by tracking and monitoring, using or Google Analytics.  You also can monitor by keyword searches or filtering by using the services of TweetDeck or TwitScoop.

All you have to do is…

  • Create your Twitter Post
  • Choose your tracking method; either URL click counts, or destination page analytics
  • Monitor activity to search for keywords unique to your Twitter post
  • Schedule A “Tweet Later”

Among other features, Tweet Later allows you to schedule your tweets for a later transmission time.  It can send you hourly email digests of @replies. You can then get the message to your phone using the Gmail filter, to alert you about the @ replies digest.

  • Provide A Bio link To Increase Your Twitter Following

People will return to your Twitter page if you give them a reason to follow you.

Post link or bio link services like, can help you with this, but take care not overuse it. TwitterSplit can be used in creative ways to add a unique BIO LINK that will increase you followers.

  • Use MrTweet To Learn Who To Follow On Twitter

You are probably more interested in following some Twitter users than others, and now you can get them on MrTweet.  The Twitterbot on MrTweet collects data from you tweets, as well as from people you are following to provide you with the correct links.

Using these “Twitter tips to tweak interest” will get you more Twitter followers and give you an edge with your marketing.

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